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How do you tell the sex of a fish

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  1. Kesar2 years ago

    Oh my gosh! Is that a friggin Starlet Wars blankyyy? ;P You go lady, Im so pumped for teh Fresh Ster Wers movie ermagherd!Good luck. By the way I need help with fallout 4 mods if anyone knows how to install them. I want the baby mini nuke. Thanks up front!

  2. Jujin2 years ago

    Let’s chat sometime you’re hot

  3. Takinos2 years ago

    I had mine at about 6 weeks - I went at four weeks (having been pregnant before, I knew well the preggo boob pain). I drove three hours to the nearest clinic that provided the RU486 pill. I tested positive for pregnancy there, but they couldn't find the embryo or hear a heartbeat yet. by law, you're forced to hear the hearbeat, but you can decline the video ultrasound. so, they sent me home only to come back in two weeks to see if anything had changed. I heard the heartbeat, but I still took the pill. then I had to pay the hefty sum of 500.00 and drive back home. what came out was smaller than a US quarter. a literal "clot" of vessels has more rights than I do as an American citizen who pays taxes.

  4. Tauramar
    Tauramar2 years ago

    This will be an interesting test of the theory Congress always gets blamed for the shut down.

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