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Black woman on picnic table having sex

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  1. Kazrataxe8 months ago

    My mind cannot compute the absolute horror of seeing people 5 days out of the week, then going on a getaway with the same people😨

  2. Zolojin8 months ago

    Good movie, keep them and me coming

  3. Tozilkree
    Tozilkree8 months ago

    These relationship dynamics are not what I’m used to. The big thing that stands out is that you are such a push over. Having an ex move in for 3 weeks is a big deal. You should’ve made a scene and started a fight from day one. Even if I trusted myself 100% to not cheat, I know my wife would not have it. I wouldn’t even try. You must have a looooong history of being a push over that your husband thought this would fly without consulting you.

  4. Fekus8 months ago

    Man it was hard today took me an hour and 40mins to joy I went thru so many movies but eventually came but this wasn't even the best movie I came across

  5. Mezinris8 months ago

    should put googly eyes on your chin when you do that.

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